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Market Rules

The following rules and regulations are intended to benefit every vendor and provide a safe, clean environment to conduct business.  Vendors will be notified of any changes or additions to these rules and regulations.



Fridays 10:00AM to 6:00PM

     Vendors Setup Only

Saturdays  9:00AM to 6:00PM
Sundays 9:00AM to 6:00PM

 Vendors must sign in and out during the vendor setup day and will be required to stay within their designated space.  No variations to the above hours will be permitted.  This is intended to provide additional security for vendor’s merchandise left during the week.  Vendors are required to open for sales promptly at 9:00 AM and remain open until the 6:00 PM closing time.

Space Rental:

All spaces must be paid for at the office prior to setting up. NO REFUNDS  Rent for indoor spaces must be paid in full at the MARKET office by or received at our post office box by the Friday before the weekend you operate at the MARKET.  Vendors vacating spaces are required to remove merchandise on the Sunday of the last weekend rented.  Rent for outdoor spaces may be paid each day.  For security reasons, the MARKET management requests that rents be mailed to our post office box.  Rent payment address: Make checks or money orders payable to: EAST RIDGE FLEA MARKET, LLC, P. O. BOX 728, CHATTANOOGA, TN 37401-9998A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to all rent payment items paid at the MARKET by monthly paying vendors.  Space rental is to be done by the market only, no sub-letting permitted.  The market reserves the right to refuse space to any vendor.


No food or drinks are to be sold without prior written consent from the market.  The sale or use of alcoholic beverages or fireworks is prohibited.  The market reserves the right to restrict the sale, display, or distribution of any objectionable printed material, photographs, films, books, etc.  No handbills will be given out on the premises without prior written consent of the market..  No used items (junk) will be permitted in the indoor market without prior written consent from the market. ( We love antiques, collectibles and memorabilia)  The market does not condone the sale of counterfeit merchandise and is not responsible for merchandise sold.  No counterfeit or look-alike merchandise or any other merchandise prohibited by federal, state and/or local laws shall be sold or solicited at the market.   No animals of any kind are allowed in the market except service animals.


The market assumes no responsibility for any physical loss or damage at any time to the physical property of any vendor.  The market is under no obligation to provide mischief or general liability insurance for the personal property of any vendor or any claims for personal injury, death, or property damage in or about the spaces rented by any vendor.


Each vendor will indemnify and hold the market harmless from any loss, cost or expense of any sort or nature, including reasonable attorney fees and costs, and will indemnify and hold the market harmless for any liability to any person on account of any damage to persons or property resulting or occurring by reason of the use and occupancy of a space by a vendor, or for the failure of a vendor to comply in any respect with or to perform any of the requirements and previsions of the rules and regulations.  

For the convenience of vendors that want to rent space and can’t come by the flea market, we have the following information available for downloading from our website.

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