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What do you charge to operate a store at the flea market?

The rental fee to operate a store at the flea market can be paid either weekly or monthly.  We give you a discount, if you pay by the month.  We are only open on Saturday and Sunday.  Our rental rates vary depending on the size and location of the space rented.  The fee is quoted on a daily basis, so you will only pay for two days rent each week, except for some extra days during Thanksgiving and Christmas when we sometimes open during the week.  The days charged for a monthly rental will depend on the number of weekend days in the month.  It will be either 8 or 10 days. 

In addition to the rent, you are required to have a city and county business license and a state of Tennessee resale permit.  You can secure these item directly from the governing body or the flea market can sell you these licenses and permits.  The business license is $1.00 per day for the city and $1.00 per day for the county. The state resale permit is available for $5.00 per calendar month, $15.00 per quarter or $45.00 per calendar year.  This is a prepayment of the sales tax that you owe and you must file these returns either monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on which permit you purchase.  

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